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Un moyen de transport universel vieux de 100.000 ans

A 100,000-year-old universal means of transportation

Five years ago I discovered by chance, humanity's oldest means of transport. It is economical, universal and free. I'm talking about my feet here."

“Five years ago I discovered by chance, humanity’s oldest means of transport.

It is economical, universal and free. I'm talking about my feet here."


The encounter

The first time I put my feet in barefoot shoes (also known as "minimalist" in France) was like a revelation. Lightness, comfort, instant feeling of softness and well-being.

I confined my feet for 52 years in rigid and often too narrow shoes (causing numerous blisters and pain), this time, the shoe adapted to the shape of my foot and not the other way around. You could even say that barefoot shoes reminded me that I had feet.

Immediately after lightness, comes the feeling of softness and comfort. Surprising with such a thin sole. I even discovered that I have a natural cushioning chain.

“I had it all in me, I just had to remind myself.”


Day after day

The first few days, I felt a slight pain in my calves, a sign of the change in my posture. Thereafter, no further pain appeared.

I noticed after several months of use that when I had to spend several hours trampling on the spot like at a trade show or in a long queue, I no longer had either back pain or muscle fatigue in my legs. at the end of the day.

Same observation when it comes to walking. In fact, when I happened to go for a walk, I had aches and fatigue in the evening and the next day. And now, just by walking in minimalist shoes, without doing sports, I realize that my walking no longer consumes energy and that I can cover many more kilometers without any muscle pain, fatigue or swelling in my feet.

For example, I had this experience at a trade show, I walked 7km round trip to get there, I spent 10 hours there walking around for 10 days. The result was surprising, I thought I would feel fatigue, aches, back pain... but nothing. It's not a miracle, I just used my body as it was designed.

“Barefoot shoes free our feet and let our body do its work.”

I advise everyone to do this experience. The only risk is not being able to do without it anymore... it's good to do yourself some good. And for a smooth transition, trust your feelings.

Jean-Claude L.

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