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Le test de Zoé, Pédicure-podologue

Zoé's test, Podiatrist-podiatrist

Zoé Mantey from the blog Chausse toi! tested our khaki Primi high tops. Here is his opinion...


"I am Zoé Mantey, a qualified chiropodist-podiatrist since 2008. Here I share with you my professional experience as well as my advice on shoes and podiatry.

I've been writing here for a few years now (Blog Put on your shoes! ) and regularly talking about barefoot shoes.

I see from your follow-ups and your numerous feedback here or on Instagram that I was not the only one to develop an interest in minimalism when it comes to shoes.

My desire to develop rich and varied content is struggling a little since the offer is still too limited and for several reasons. Brands that offer a minimalist/barefoot selection are often either foreign or expensive (shipping, possible returns), or not adapted to our needs or foot type.

The question of ecological impact is regularly at the heart of the concerns of the people with whom I interact on social networks. It is often deplored that there are no French brands and specialized physical stores or very few. The last one in Paris closed following the covid19 pandemic.

So I'm delighted and you were quite enthusiastic about discovering Télito.

Telito, it is the first 100% barefoot brand created in France, manufactured in Europe and 100% recyclable. For us French people, these are initiatives that must be fully encouraged in order to show manufacturers that demand exists and that we need a little more diversity.

I am delighted that with Télito we were able to meet and exchange our visions of good shoes. I am always fascinated by the courage of these young brands who embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship with their ideals and the conviction of making a change at their level as a driving force.

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  1. General informations
  2. The materials
  3. Sizing information (shoe size, foot type and fit)
  4. How and when to wear them?
  5. Price and where to buy
  6. Summary

General informations


Model: Primi Rising

Color: Khaki

Tested on: Women, Size 42 for XL forefoot and thin rear foot, low instep and thin ankle. Dimensions: length 26.6 x width 10.8 cm

The materials

The stem

Made of 70% recycled cotton, 30% viscose and inserts of 70% cotton, 30% hemp, both sustainably produced.

The interior lining is 87% bamboo, 13% polyester. The lining looks like a very pleasant little French terry fabric that adapts well to temperature variations.

The laces are made of cotton and do not slip when walking. The round laces have a very good grip and are pleasant to handle, neither too long nor too short.

A rather very interesting composition, materials perfectly adapted to prolonged contact with the skin of the feet, no counter system which could oppose the natural movements of the foot. The canvas is thick and seems of good quality to the touch, it feels robust and in fact... it is. The upper is completely flexible as can be seen in the photo below.

The sole

Composed of 70% recycled rubber, 30% natural rubber, inlay of coffee grounds or cork scraps.

THE stack is 5 mm, i.e. its almost total thickness. We don't count the insole that is added on top.

There are no removable insoles. But nevertheless they are entirely suitable for wearing orthopedic insoles. If, however, you are hesitating between two sizes and you know that you wear orthopedic insoles, take the larger size.

The outsole is created with small nubs, the idea is to create maximum flexibility, while maintaining the best possible grip on the most slippery surfaces. It is a comfortable, slightly massaging sole that is very pleasant to wear.

Size information

Choosing your size is the trickiest part when you are tempted to discover a new brand, especially by ordering it on the internet. The well-chosen barefoot is relatively very flexible and therefore comfortable, but the fact remains that choosing the right size (especially when you are between two sizes) is complicated or even decisive on the right choice to make.

I always urge you to consult and evaluate your foot type before considering ordering anything. Do not hesitate to click HERE .

Concerning the length and width: I share below a capture of the pedometer offered on the brand's website. Please note that for my feet which are 26.6 cm long I took 42 and that is very good especially if like me you have little foot volume and you often have the feeling of floating, it is better not to take too big for this model. Conversely, if you have a high volume and wide foot type, it is better to go for the larger size.

Also for the width, the brand offers the available width measured on the sole but be aware that this remains an indication. Like me, you can absolutely wear your usual size even if there is not enough space in width. The upper remains completely flexible and the available space is much greater than the actual dimension of the sole.

Overall, the Primi model is a sure value for many body types and the different types of forefoot should be comfortable there. I will say that for extra-large feet with a significant volume the shoes may not be suitable. For difficult feet and for people who suffer from advanced deformities or not, you have come to the right place... hallux valgus, exostoses, metatarsus varus, toe claws, Morton... Soft shoes even in restricted use (only on weekends). ends for example) will be perfectly comfortable and will be a perfect alternative.

How to wear them?

These are totally casual style shoes to wear with good jeans, a little tight at the ankles or 7/8 cut to make them stand out. I find that they are perfect everyday shoes for me who has no clothing injunction, I happily wear them all day in the office but for those who want/need to dress more “elegant” they will be an excellent option for the weekend, for walks in town or on forest paths…

I find some similarities with Leguano® shoes and wildling shoes® but the comparisons are a little simplistic because each has their own style and different technical elements. We are generally on a canvas tennis type shoe like we have all known for over 50 years. We know the Converse® or the Superga® well and here is a model with a relatively similar design but without the superfluous and above all eco-designed!

Price and where to buy them?

The high Primi model is priced at 140 euros and the low models 130. It is a cost but these are also materials chosen for these many qualities and all this has a price.

To have the chance to try the brand, it’s in Carpentras.

I put the address here:

71-73, rue Porte d’Orange, 84200 CARPENTRAS

Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

In conclusion

Nice discovery that Télito is a brand committed and willing to do well by offering some beautiful barefoot shoes, French and manufactured in a reasoned and environmentally friendly way. The brand has been able to develop sober and committed marketing and this is really what we expect from brands that want to enter the minimalism sector in 2023.

Overall we can say that the Primi shoe is a very nice product. This is the kind of manufacturing but also the model of shoe that we absolutely must encourage to be manufactured as it is designed for our feet, walking...

I am happy to have received these shoes, they fit me well and look great. Durability is really the kind of argument that can convince you to invest in this kind of shoe perfect for daily walking. I think from the first times of use that they will be very resistant and easy to maintain.

If I had a suggestion it would be to add a wand to make it easier to put on the feet. For me it's an essential and you?

Do you know what a baguette?

Good day to you !


Product offered by the brand.


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