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La marche pieds nus

Barefoot walking

By Sylvain Herruel, Vitalist Naturopath, Medical-Psychological Assistant and Sports Educator

When we ask people what our feet are used for, the vast majority respond: “To walk”. However, the feet are much more important than the simple act of walking, we will see that together.

Foot reflexology

The arch of the foot is full of nerve endings (7,200 nerve endings connected directly to the brain) and this is why many disciplines such as foot reflexology or certain massages give it so much importance.
Each nerve ending will stimulate an organ and allow good energy circulation in the body.
The ground, with all its roughness and different textures, will allow a massage and nervous stimulation with each step. And what's more, it's free.


Proprioception is the body's ability to move in space and recognize its spatial position while being able to self-adjust autonomously thanks to a whole network of muscles, ligaments, tendons which contain sensory receptors.
This is what allows you to catch yourself when you almost fall or manage to catch an object just before it falls.
Walking barefoot helps stimulate and train these receptors and therefore increase our proprioceptive capacity.

Electromagnetic connection and charging

Being constantly immersed in an electric field (telephone, computer, wifi, cable and other electrical devices) disrupts our body electromagnetic balance. In fact, these devices “steal” negative electrons from us, which makes our body more and more “positive”, which is not necessarily positive for our health.
Let's take an example in nature, when a cloud is too positively charged it will try to rebalance itself by looking for negative electrons. The ground, being a reservoir of negative electrons, will allow the cloud to recharge itself by creating an electric arc called “lightning” or “lightning”.

Your body will do the same, because it always seeks to maintain balance (in all areas). So when it becomes too “positive” it will create small electrical arcs that you can get when you touch a person or a car door, but this is not always enough. Your shoes are made of insulating material and they will prevent the electrical transmission that your body needs (this is why no animal wears shoes).
To make his task easier and help him rebalance, there is nothing better than walking barefoot for a few minutes in nature (your garden is enough, but not your tiles because they are isolated from the natural ground).

Relaxation and well-being

By walking barefoot we connect to nature, to sensations, to our body and our environment. This connection connects us to the present moment and calms our nervous system and mental agitation.
We are more able to feel connected (feet on the ground and head in the sky) and to become aware of our place in this world.


This natural and free practice has a lot to offer you and I highly recommend it.
In order to fully enjoy the benefits of barefoot walking, anywhere and at any time, you can wear minimalist/barefoot shoes that do not hinder the natural movements of the foot while maintaining this pleasant feeling of being bare foot.

Whether it's 5 minutes a day or you decide to no longer buy shoes (or only minimalist shoes), you will always find benefits whether on a physical, mental or spiritual level.

All you have to do is enjoy yourself :)

Sylvain Herruel,

Naturopath Vitalist, Medical-Psychological Assistant and Sports Educator. More information on - located in Gétigné.

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