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Bien-être, bio & thérapies - Mandelieu - Mars 2023

Well-being, organic & therapies - Mandelieu - March 2023

Since 2014, the Salon du Bien-être, Bio & Thérapies de Mandelieu aims to be the vector of solutions for improving our well-being and our living environment!

We must face the facts ! Today, the search for well-being, better living and a healthy life is no longer an ephemeral trend, it has become a way of life, an attitude, an awareness!

But, to succeed in this change to well-being, you have to find the right balance! That is, the right combination of forces, elements, products, means, values ​​in order to make one's mind, emotions, body, objects, attitudes and living environment harmonious and healthy!

Practical information


March 10 - 11 - 12, 2023


Expo Congress Center
806 Avenue de Cannes
06210 Mandelieu

*Stand no. 169/170*

Hours of operation

10am-7pm every day

Admission price

€3 per day / Free for minors

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